Why You Can’t ‘Hold Space’

“Holding space” is something we hear a lot about these days. If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who holds space for others. From your experience, you’ll inevitably have a unique understanding of what it means to hold space. So, what does it mean exactly? How can we do it? And most importantly, how can we do it well?

Are you dysregulated?

Are you dysregulated? How would you know if you were? Can we control the responses of others? No, we can only manage our own nervous systems. It’s natural, normal, and inevitable that we will be thrown out of our emotional center. What’s essential is that we learn ways return to it. Emotional Dysregulation is the…

Warrior Spirit

I drop my sword and cry for awhile because deep inside, the warrior is a child.” – unknown. The movement of a warrior is to traverse the battleground of life toward something we value and believe in. Values and beliefs are changing based on the circumstances that are coming and a warrior is able to…

Reverse Warrior Demystified

Let’s practice reverse warrior! In this four-minute tutorial, I will break down key actions in the upper body (i.e., axial extension, rib rotation, and lateral flexion) to help you stabilize your legs and pelvis and enhance your overall experience in this strong standing posture.  Watch the tutorial here: https://yogainternational.com/article/view/reverse-warrior-demystified