“I had been suffering with acute lower back pain for many years and tried lots of things but nothing quite worked.  I wanted to start a yoga practice but everything I tried seemed to put my back at risk.  I found Annie on-line, read about Yoga Therapeutics and never looked back! 

Annie is an absolute master at assessing where your body is and meeting you there.  She balances teaching movement and strength along with physiology and anatomy.  This works so much better than the physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture appointments I tried before.  I have worked with Annie over the past five years, most recently remotely via Zoom, and truly appreciate her.  Annie asks where you are each session and can tailor that day’s practice to your specific needs.  She remembers your body and where you might struggle.  If a movement feels like it might stress my back, she either encourages me that it’s safe or offers another way to achieve the same goal and explains why — she hasn’t steered me wrong yet. She is a highly skilled, kind, patient, and caring teacher.  I am also grateful to call her my friend.”