I just wanted to share that I’m feeling well! The three closest people to me all had a pretty bad cold in the last few days, and I didn’t get it! It’s the first time six years that I haven’t gotten whatever was going around. Thanks for your guidance on immuno-super-strength!

– Liz Davis

Liz Davis

Primal Vinyasa has been medicine for my body, my heart, my mind, and my spirt. Reclaiming intuitive and playful movement as important and necessary has

healed me in many ways. Annie is such a skilled and connected teacher. Her whole heart is in these teachings and she transmits with amazing intention and clarity. I am so grateful for Annie, these teachings, and the community that is being created around them.”

Radomi Goodlife

Years of yoga, taught by Annie and Todd, have been a huge part of my career as a professional actor.  I played King Lear at 80 years old and had no trouble at all speaking Shakespeare’s lines while carrying “Cordelia” in my arms.  My strength and continued flexibility are so much a result of their training.  I am now 85 and still very much active in the theater.

– Tobias Andersen

Tobias Andersen
  • Dain Lewis

“Annie is amazing. I had chronic hip pain and had seen a number of different chiropractors, PTs, and massage therapists but the problem still persisted. I started working with Annie one-on-one and couldn’t believe it when she was able to immediately diagnose my hip problem over video chat after observing me move around for just a few minutes. She gave me a series of exercises and within a few weeks the hip pain that had persisted for over a year was almost completely gone. I also work in construction so we then progressed into correcting many other poor movement patterns so my body wouldn’t hurt after every day after work. I love how she focuses on empowering you to feel your own body and recognize your habitual patterns. I joke with Annie: when I do what she says, my body feels amazing. When I don’t, it starts hurting again and my old patterns re-emerge. I can’t recommend her highly enough – her breadth and depth of knowledge is incredible. I’m so grateful for her help.”

Dain Lewis

Dain Lewis

“Annie is a genuine person who walks her talk and has your back. I’ve never felt left in the wilderness on my own through any of her trainings or private sessions, in person or online. She’s always there to encourage, empower, and challenge you to go deeper. She has a way of explaining things that will make you believe in magic again and access a part of your soul that has been longing to rise to the surface. I’m forever changed and forever grateful to this amazing woman. Thank you Annie!”

– Gloria Schwabe

Gloria Schwabe

“Primal Vinyasa has been an essential tool for me to reclaim my brain & body so I can live healed and whole. Annie is not only an amazing teacher, she is an inspiring woman whose magic is palpable and uplifting to any who wish to be upleveled. I am bone-deep grateful for the many layers in which my life is better because I have Primal Vinyasa, and Annie in my life.”

Nissa Howard

Nissa Howard

“Annie’s knowledge of functional movement and biomechanics propelled me to a higher level of healing post-total hip replacement. – 1 year after joint replacement, I had tissue patterns in my hip and leg that were still stuck. Where physical therapy failed, this work provided stretching and strengthening that eliminated my femoral nerve impingement… Thank you Primal Vinyasa for taking care of my physical wellbeing.”

– Anne Avgerin

Anne Avgerin

After working with Annie for over 11 years, I can wholeheartedly say that her knowledge, intuition, care, kindness, expertise and professionalism are what make her a trustworthy and effective holistic healer.

Erin Seamons

Erin Seamons

I found Annie’s Primal Vinyasa classes at a time I needed in my continuing journey to recover my confidence and capacity for movement. She blended my love of yoga and my growing interest in primal/natural moment in a skillful, creative way that resonated deeply in my body and psyche.

In private therapeutic sessions with Annie, her safe, inviting presence and skillful guidance is allowing me to find more capacity for movement that was very much needed and for which I am deeply grateful.

Tami link

Tami link