Do I need props to practice Primal Vinyasa?

It is not required to have props to practice Primal Vinyasa, though, props are often used as a component of this practice. They often serve as opportunities to regress or progress the movements in order to ensure that you’re practicing at the most effective degree of challenge for you. Our On-Demand classes are categorized by props needed, so you can find classes that utilize the props you have and avoid classes that require props you don’t have.

We have two props we use regularly in our classes for sale here. In the meantime you can use a broomstick in place of the Danda or a folded blanket in place of the Apex.

Investing in blocks in also recommended.

What’s the difference between Yoga Therapy and Physical Therapy?

I get a lot of people who go to physical therapy because their insurance will pay for it, and they come out with more pain. Physical therapy tends to zero in on the area of injury too soon. so if someone comes in with an ankle sprain, for instance, they’re working with the ankle. They don’t adjust or account for what’s happening in the foot, the knee, the hip… They’ll give exercises to stabilize your ankle – and while you’re doing their homework, you’re misaligning your knee. It’s too myopic. It’s not holistic. I go over my client’s physical therapist’s sequence of 10 things to do to make sure they’re aligned their whole body.  That’s where physical therapy and yoga therapy are different. I am going to address not just the ankle, but the whole body, the breathe, the entire being.

What is Primal Medicine?

My son was showing signs of ’nature deficit disorder.’ His small body was vibrating with the anxieties of city life. So we hit ‘eject’ on life as we knew it.  We sold our home in Portland, OR and moved to the country where his nature and mother nature could sing together as loudly as they liked.

Part of our continued rehab is getting outside and wild crafting together. We bring earth’s medicine home to our kitchen, where we make beautiful body medicine. Through trial end error, we believe we have arrived at a perfect product line and we’re so glad to get it in your hands, on your body, and your lips. Only sustainably and intentionally harvested plants, coupled with pure clean ingredients are use in our products.

As surfers, snowboarders, and lovers of nature, my son and I are proud to present you with pure wild products, born from a need to heal and be healed by nature.

Membership Management

Where do I begin?

Primal Vinyasa’s Membership is a circular program in which you can continue to come back to the Fundamentals of the practice as seasoned practitioner.

We recommend beginning in the Fundamentals category which shows up in every following Category of Primal Vinyasa. Take your time and dive into the On-Demand Classes to become familiar with how the movements can be linked together.

The Primal Vinyasa Category Sequence:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Contralateral
  3. Sensory Processing
  4. Ground Reaction Force
  5. Migration

How do I Change the Payment Method on my Subscription?

To change the payment method used for your membership, a customer can:

  1. Go to My Account > View Subscription page.
  2. Click the Change Payment button.
  3. Enter the new payment details on the Checkout page.
  4. Submit the Checkout form and return to the My Account > View Subscription page.

How do I Suspend or Cancel My Membership?

This can be done through your membership subscription settings. This can be found on your My Account page. Click on the My Subscription button, which will take you to a screen where you can put your subscription on-hold, or cancel it.

Can I get a refund?

We’re sorry but after the initial first 48 hour period, there are no refunds for memberships.

What's the difference between "Membership" and "Subscription"?

Your membership is the way that you get access to all the content. Your subscription is the recurring method you use to pay for it.