Discover a world of new possibilities encoded within your body

Do you want to:

  • Explore the healing power of yoga, injury prevention and rehabilitation on a deeper level than ever before?
  • Uncover and remap the habitual tendencies keeping you from the natural ease and freedom of movement you were born with?
  • Learn the latest, science-backed techniques and therapeutic training that will help you move better not just on the mat, but in your daily life?
  • Apply the wisdom of holistic herbalism, plant medicine and self-care to improve health and vitality and holistically support you on all levels?

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to Primal Vinyasa, where we don’t look at movement and health as a one-size fits all method, but a customizable process that honors each individual’s wholeness. 

The Primal Vinyasa Approach is designed to be highly personalized to help you:

  • Learn the skills for more advanced poses, while increasing your overall strength, mobility, and movement competency
  • Develop a natural, integrative path towards your own healing, growth and development
  • Become self-empowered to find relief from pain and discomfort
  • Rediscover your body’s natural wisdom and revitalize your relationship to movement
  • Ignite your own path to self-inquiry, inner alchemy, and radical authenticity

Primal Vinyasa can support you on your path to greater movement freedom and wellbeing

All Access Membership

Want to learn how to turn habitual movement… into movement medicine?

The Primal Vinyasa All Access Membership is for anyone seeking to rediscover and refine their authentic strengths and capabilities. Through a 5-part method, you’ll learn intelligent strength and mobility training that will teach you the skills for more advanced poses, while empowering you to reclaim your body’s innate capacity for easeful, balanced and powerful movement… 

Inside the membership, you’ll get exclusive access to a growing library of 300+ classes, including live daily practices and the exact therapeutic training lessons that HUNDREDS of Primal Vinyasa students have used to remap pain and discomfort, build embodied strength and awareness, and revitalize their relationship to movement.

Individualized Therapeutics & Holistic Herbalism

If you’re craving personalized support and are ready to build a sustainable movement and self-care practice that’s transformative on all levels, these private therapeutics sessions are for you. Working with me in an intimate container is a highly supportive experience that will empower you with a suite of tools you can use to quickly remap pain and dysfunction and create major shifts in your life and health journey – without overwhelm.

Together, we’ll discover the movement patterns and habitual tendencies that are causing pain and stagnation – and embark on a collaborative journey to create a custom-tailored treatment plan designed to generate a new imprint in your brain, body and nervous system. 


Want to integrate the wisdom of Primal Vinyasa into your daily life on a deeper level? 

Whether you’re a dedicated yoga student, teacher or holistic practitioner, these workshop offerings are designed to help you transcend the boundaries of traditional yoga practice and break free from prescriptive models of learning. You’ll walk away from each workshop with a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology and how its functioning – and your healing – can be influenced by the tools and techniques of yoga and embodied movement.

Primal Therapeutics & Applied Herbalism Training

Feeling pulled toward a transformative container with a beautiful community of like-minded souls on the same journey as you? 

Then my signature 12-month 300-hour training experience for passionate yoga teachers and students, holistic coaches, and health-care professionals ready to embark on the revolutionary journey to becoming fully integrated movement clinicians, is exactly what you’re looking for.

Over the course of a year together, we’ll dive deep into the healing power of yoga, injury prevention and rehabilitation, mental and emotional health, and the skilful application of holistic herbalism. In addition to cultivating a powerful relationship to your own natural medicine and innate capacity for intuitive movement and healing, you’ll master the tools necessary to guide students’ individual learning processes and learn to custom-tailor your approach based on changing individual circumstances.

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Primal Medicine & Props

Created for earth lovers everywhere, all of my Primal Medicine offerings and movement props are born from a need to heal and be healed by nature.

Inside the Primal Shop, you’ll find a curated selection of hand-crafted herbal remedies, botanical skin care, and medicinal salves – all made from sustainably and intentionally harvested plants and pure clean ingredients.

All of the featured movement props are locally produced and made from the highest-quality ethically-sourced materials. Designed to complement the wisdom of the Primal Vinyasa methodology, these unique props will keep your body’s natural wisdom top of mind as you rewild your movement practice.