Creative Genius Mentorship Program

Turn your passion for health into wealth.

One on one support from Primal Vinyasa® founder Annie Adamson, so you can transform your wellness practice into a thriving moneymaker that enables you to serve and be served on your own terms.

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You love what you do. That type of work made you who you are today. You know how transformative it is. 

You share your magical medicine. The stuff only you can bring to the world.

If you could, you’d give it away for free, just to vibe up the planet and see people shine brighter. 

I will help you.

It’s time for YOU to thrive doing what you love! 

Don’t you think?

Some people will say you need to hustle harder, give up precious time, and work longer days. They’ll say you need to manage every aspect of the business, whether you enjoy it or not. But you and I both know that’s not the answer.

Hustling harder only spins your wheels and burns you out.

Working harder probably isn’t the answer.

I’m sure you’ve had the sneaking suspicion – “there’s got to be a better way.” And you’re right. There is!

I don’t want to see you give up on your dream. People are sick. They’re struggling. They need you.

I don’t want to lose one single peaceful warrior in the battle for human vitality. But at the end of the day, the harsh truth remains: unless it puts bread on the table, your dream isn’t sustaining you. And if it’s not sustaining you, it isn’t sustainable. 

You have a calling. Your soul isn’t going to rest until you live it all the way out.

I’m going to help you articulate your calling and find new ways to manifest a higher purpose in your profession. I’m going to show you how to build wealth in the process.

If you’re a yoga teacher, retreat leader, health coach, personal transformation facilitator… anyone who feels called to discover new bold depths of daring and fulfillment in your work…

This course is for you. 

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The mentorship is a one-on-one container. I will support you in  exploring, defining, and refining your professional calling. 

This specialized forum will empower you to take your facilitation to a whole new level of prosperity. You’ll develop the confidence, the skills, and the road map that will get you where your heart desires. Build your wellness business from the infinite space – your heart!

Here’s what you’ll get.

  • Five week of mentorships
  • x5 two-hour meetings with Annie Adamson. 
  • Immersive exploration of the most impactful dimensions of your leadership. 
  • Comprehensive investigation of your unique offerings as a facilitator of growth and change.
  • Identification of all the available potential for you to evolve your work. 
  • Consideration of how you stay current, engaged, creative, and inspired in your practice. 
  • Primal Vinyasa® online membership so we can support your movement practice and keep your creative energy moving!

Let’s get you balanced on your own ever-expanding creative edge.

Too often we find ourselves bored and unsatisfied in our intention to serve. Our authentic voice feels stuck, and so do our offerings. We lose our motivation. And yet, somehow we always maintain our longing to break through the resistance. 

We have creative ideas, a desire to be of service, and glimpses of our glory. 

But we tell ourselves, “Someday I will do that. But not now.” 

My Mentorship program takes your foot off the break. 

Why not now?

You’re sitting on a wealth of ideas. They’re piling up on the backburner. We’re going to hit the ignite button in your soul. You are going to shine brighter than you ever imagined in the light of the manifestation of your dreams? 

I often call myself a professional motivator. I myself am a self-motivated individual. But this isn’t about me. My drive comes from my desire to help others. I know you have it too. We’re going to remove the clutter so you can bring your vision through. 

I’m going to give you the key to turn on your generative processes. I’m going to tap you into your passion and your purpose. Next thing you know, you’ll be putting out tons of new material. You’ll be   producing without overextending yourself.  You’ll be making content, hosting conversations, guiding sessions, teaching classes, workshops, trainings, retreats… All that bare abundant fruit.

We’ll dive into a broad range of topics like:

  • Calling in your crew. Defining your audience so you surround yourself with people you love and respect.
  • Expressing your calling so your audience knows exactly who you are and what you do.
  • Organizing your time and materials so life can be chaos free.
  • Developing your language skills so you can communicate with a compelling message. 
  • Evolving your leadership skills to build trust with your audience. 
  • Thrive in every way, so your cup is spilling over.

We’ll find and dispel your fear of rejection. If you’re holding yourself back, you’ll embrace your self-worth. You’ll grow your confidence so you can trust yourself to take calculated risks. Risks that land you in greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Why does it seem like others are more successful than you?

Why not you?

You deserve success! 

You deserve to express your ideas and manifest your vision for the world.

We’re going to sharpen offerings by clarifying your deepest passions. 

We’re going to actionable discuss business strategies. We’re going to establish personalized rituals that awaken, nourish, and inspire your work.

Meeting 1: Define your Calling

Getting more clear on your calling starts with figuring out where you are now and what brings you alive! In this initial session I’ll walk you through a series of provocative questions. Questions only you can answer. What aspects of your leadership or teaching bring you the most passion? What wakes you up before dawn with new ideas and excitement to develop your practice? What is your deepest desire as a facilitator of change and transformation? Is it the body, functional movement, language, spirituality (or anything else!)… getting more clear about your own driving bliss will define your calling.

Meeting 2: Organize your Shit

The only way to get clear on what you offer and what you want, is to get organized! Most of us are sitting on a wealth of mind-blowing ideas. These are like seeds waiting for us to plant, water, and otherwise nurture them into creation. But we keep those precious seeds spilled out in a random drawer. Our shovel lost in the back of the shed along with a tangled hose… Organization can be overwhelming. It can also be fun! You get you to gather up all your creative ideas. You get to cultivate them. To bring them into your day-to-day work to bring you and your clients more alive, happy, and healthy. We’ll talk about how to build a team, delegate, and collaborate with a community all formed around your ideas. To cooperate to make them manifest in the world. It’s all about finding and nurturing what is already alive and waiting to burst forth.

Meeting 3: Expand your Work by Expanding your Worth

Ever wonder why others make millions from their trainings and workshops? Why they feel so carefree living such a bold life? Do you believe others can do it, but not you? What are you waiting for? What are you hiding from? We’re going to restore your sense of worth so that you no longer doubt the success that’s waiting for you. We’ll look at how your shadow restricts your self-worth, and how to shine anyway, so you can blossom all your work. Installing an unwavering belief in yourself makes miracles possible.

Meeting 4: Language and Leadership

Language shapes our understanding of both yourself and others. When used well, it’s one of the most powerful instruments a leader can wield. Has your language grown old? Are you still using the same language cues and themes you’ve been leaning on for years? Is your language becoming tiring, even to you? Are you practicing becoming a better speaker every day? Are you owning your voice? Here’s a tip – you don’t have to have all the answers. This session will teach you how to ask better questions. Questions that bring forth new awareness in your clients. Questions that help them to understand and grow through their experiences.  I’m going to help you become a more compelling speaker. I’m going to show you the words and phrases that convey your unique insights. Words that will invoke a deeper embodiment in yourself and your clients.

Meeting 5: Thrive and Articulate your Purpose

Can you actually make money doing what you love? YES!! I’ll give you my tried and true method for generating financial abundance doing what you love. In this final meeting we will integrate all the work we’ve done in the previous sessions. We’ll tie it all together into the big picture which will serve as a map to guide your efforts. Too often we sit down to be productive and we don’t feel lost and confused about what to do. So we end up doing what we’ve always done and guess what? Yep! We get the same low-level results. We’re going to leave you with a program, so you know exactly what you need to do. You’ll know where you are, where you’re going, and you’ll have a path laid out to get there. In this last session, we’re going to launch your newly renovated boat back into the river of life.

Raise the sail of yourself, reckoning to explore the world.

The Mentorship Program will help you answer these questions:

  • How do I market myself?
  • What is unique about my offering?
  • How can I consistently create good sequences? 
  • What are my protocols? 
  • How can I develop a thriving private practice?
  • How do I stay inspired?
  • How do I stay current?
  • And so much more…

These are the questions I hear most often. I created this course to answer provide the answers. 

After almost two decades of teaching, facilitating, training, and certifying students…

Now I want you to bring forth YOUR best work.

I want YOUR success!

I believe in YOU.

 I want you to believe in you too.

Let’s go find that ‘something’ that brings you more abundance than you ever imagined possible. All from simply doing what you love!