Reach, Crawl, & Migrate

If you’re tired of looking or feeling excessively ‘mechanical.’ If you’d like to learn to walk more in your beauty. If you experience excessive awkwardness, anxiety, physical or mental tension, trouble sleeping, lack of inspiration, or developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder/hyperactive disorder, etc. Or, if you’re simply craving something outside the dusty box of customary movement. This course is for you.

The world presents itself in at least three dimensions. So does your body. As cultural beings, we’ve adapted to a mechanized world. And so our movement has become straight forward, predictable, domesticated… Our bodies and souls are paying a heavy price for this leveling of our wildness, however ‘safe’ it may seem.

Is your body’s vocabulary as rich as you’d like it to be?

We’re going to show you where mechanical, linear, predictable movement is causing you to miss out on the richness of life. From that embodied awareness, you’ll discover your potential to create a fuller palate of expression through your body. You’ll broaden and deepen your language vocabulary.

On your way back to your creative, non-linear, organically moving self, you’ll discover a world of your body’s abilities you’ve been missing. A world within the very center of yourself. We’ll identify the cognitive lines between the two sides of your body and show you where those sides intersect at your literal center. The place where the mind and body meet. A place of infinite potential. Hidden within that very center of yourself, there is a key that opens to a richer, fuller life for yourself.

This course builds confidence, coordination, self-assuredness, and grants you access to the essential neurological pathways that are responsible for determining, among other things, the way you move. Learn the precise location of your potential for self-development and from there, reach out of your rut. In this course, all bodies and minds will be shown a way forward on the path of physical and neurological development. The farther back you are, the farther forward you’ll go. This is where you integrate non-linear, cognitive, cross-body strength, coordination, and power. The kind that can climb a tree, swing a bat, or check your blind spot without tweaking your back. So come on in. Your body is wild and free. Liberate it. This will show you how.

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