Breathe, Rock, & Squat

Has it been too long since you moved for anything other than accomplishing tasks? Are you bored with your movement practice and looking for a new approach? Are you avoiding pain by limiting your range of motion or scope of experience? Could you use to be re-introduced to your strong, able, centered self? If any of these concerns resonate for you, or if you’re simply feeling less than comfortable and capable moving your body, then this course is for you.

Deep inside you, down in the intricate dimensions of your mind-body matrix, is untapped potential for natural movement that is competent and comfortable. We’re going to take you to that place! The roots of healthy movement originate from our breath, which is the connecting bridge between the body and the mind. In this course, you’ll experience your breath as a powerful initiator of all your movements, from the simple to the complex. You’ll dismantle any dysfunctional patterns of respiration you may have adopted, so you can discover the gracious power of natural breathing.

The energy and inspiration gleaned from this foundational work will reconnect you with a level of attunement to your body you may have only experienced as a child. You’ll learn how to transform stress that accumulates in your head and neck by moving energy into your body’s strongest, most capable center – your core. In so doing, you’ll let go of constricting movements that cause you pain and weakness, and gain the capacity for a new range of healthy movements that bring you joy and strength.

You’ll learn to turn movement poison into movement medicine.

These fundamental practices will make your spine strong, supple, and youthful. During this comprehensive re-orientation to your innate capacity for natural and integrating movement, you’ll retrace the generative movement patterns of your early development, rediscovering sensations, actions and experiences that will remind you of a playful path you once knew as a child.

Herein lies the essential path of your unique evolutionary progress.

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