Compress, Expand, & Rebound

Do you tend to feel bound, stiff, or achy? Have you had to stop medium to low impact activities, like jumping or running, due to joint pain? Do your feet rarely leave the earth anymore? Are you slow or uncomfortable getting up and down off the floor? Has your movement become overly cautious? Does your heart long to skip, but you can’t trust yourself for the fear of falling? Do you long to feel the youthful bounce in your step again?

If your response was a resounding yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you! Since Newton’s discovery, we know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The laws of physics apply to all of life, including our bodies. When we were young, we knew how to transfer energy smoothly from one movement into the next. We could bound and skip with ease—and we could just as easily fall and roll out, unscathed, when we needed to. If we age out of this ability, our movements become internally absorbed like a head-on collision in the body—and when we fall we can’t get up.

Are you effectively transferring the gravitational loads, energetic forces and momentum of your movement? Or are you limiting, contracting, and stressing your body unnecessarily when you move?

In this course, you’ll learn how to transfer energy fluidly from one action to the next, so you can move with greater ease, versatility and freedom. You’ll learn how to effectively articulate your joints in order to spring safely into action with little to no fuss. We’ll tune you into your body’s internal facia structure, the connective tissue between all your body parts and systems. We like to think of it as your ‘springy’ self—the aspect of your body that is literally engineered to bounce back again and again. With awareness of your fascia, you’ll explore complementary motions—such as push and pull, expand and contract, squat and stand—and feel the magic of your enlivened body.

We’ll lead you through playful movements, like shaking, skipping, hopping, and bouncing. Even if you haven’t done these activities since you were a kid, you’ll soon be enjoying them again, pain free and in full remembrance of the simple joy they bring. We’ll help you discover where you’re losing energy due to excess effort or undue strain, and learn to free up abundant stores of kinetic energy—which you’ll be able to use to do the activities you love.

There’s a youthful person within you, excited about the possibility of bouncing and skipping playfully through life, in spite of the struggles and responsibilities of adulthood. This practice will provide you with joy and energy to be more playful, resulting in increased resiliency and stamina. There’s a part of you that knows how to get stronger from every strain and burden you’ve endured. We’re going to reintroduce you to that part. The part that minimizes damage and repairs damage when it’s done. This course will also help you meet the demands of your life with a greater sense of buoyancy and lightheartedness, no matter how weighty it has

Take a step back to your youthful self by jumping in now!

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