Coordination & Function

Do you want to deepen your awareness of how you move through your practice and your life? Can you recognize that it’s the way you get from point A to point B that determines the location of point B? Do you think you could have more fun and achieve better results? Are you ready to identify old patterns and make more creative and fulfilling choices about how you evolve your life? Do you want to move through time with deeper recognition of the naturalness of your being and your environment? Do you want to loosen up instead of getting more rigid with time? Do you want to age with grace and beauty?

If your heart fluttered in response to these questions, then this course is for you! The bodies we inhabit are the product of our ancestor’s migratory patterns—which are deeply scribed into the way we articulate our bodies in motion. We continue along this evolutionary line, change directions, or slip into devolution depending on our personal choices about the ways we move through life. Every one of us is capable of traveling in the direction of greater health and wellness. Orienting in that direction is mostly a matter of awareness and intention.

Are you aware of your body when you’re walking down the street? Standing in the elevator? Pulling weeds? Playing with your kids? Or reading these words? How does that awareness impact the way you live in your body and move through the environment?

This course will transform the way you experience your body and the way you move. More importantly, it will transform the way you live! It’s going to give you an opportunity to make all the things you do playful acts of intention and awareness. It’s going to make living a more embodied, satisfying and holistic experience.

We’ll start by making your practice space less flat, level, and boring—and by introducing nuance and novelty. Once you’re paying attention out of interest rather than obligation,  we’ll take off the training wheels and let you take take off across the room! It’s going to be different than what you think of as ‘yoga.’ But allowing it to be different will allow more space for you to grow into. We’re going to open up that space for you. You’ll be thrilled to see your practice become integrated into everything you do.

It’s time to ask your practice to take you where you want to go. To recognize that instead of going to yoga, you can bring yoga with you wherever you go.

This course will renew your relationship to yoga by opening up your options and showing you how to never be constrained or bored in your practice again. It will transform your everyday environment into your own personal play-based practice space.

Time marches on, but it doesn’t have to become an exercise in drudgery. We’ve found an alternative to the mainstream path that leads into a wonderful world of experience and potential.

Come take a look!

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