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If you ever feel detached from your body or your environment. If you’re prone to spells of dizziness, distraction, & overwhelm. If boundaries appear dull and unclear. If your mind gets fuzzy when you’re being challenged physically or mentally. If you crave more cognitive certainty, physically alertness, and aliveness. If you want to be better prepared to manage the obstacles before you, while staying grounded and present. This course is for you.

Each of us is endowed with senses that are deeper, yet no less critical than the standard five model (sight, hearing, smell, taste, & touch). Our extra senses are often referred to as “extrasensory perception.” Most fundamentally, they enable us to know our location and position in space. When they’re online, we feel a deeper connection to our bodies. But like all of our senses, our proprioceptive and vestibular senses fade, unless they are appropriately challenged.

Imagine what would happen to your sight without exposure to light. Or your hearing without sound. In the same way that a casted muscle is weakened from lack of use, lack of sensory stimulation also results in an atrophy of the sensory systems. If we want to stay present, we have to keep our senses strong. Are your extra senses being presented with appropriate challenges so they can stay sharp?

In this course, you’ll learn to harmonize your relationship with your body and your body’s relationship with the environment. You’ll calibrate the instrument you use in order to recognize where you’re body is in space. You’ll learn to better recognize your own personal boundaries and limitations, and approach them greater sensitivity and skill. After we’ve brought you to your own perceived ‘edge,’ we’ll show you how to push back that perceived boundary and venture beyond it into expanded potentials.

This sensory processing practice will rehabilitate and revive your most fundamental instincts. It will deliver you from the doldrums into a perception of yourself and the world that is less abstract and more tangible. It will sharpen your senses and prepare you for the life’s unpredictables. It will leave you with a relaxed alertness, deeper embodiment, and a fresh outlook on the obstacles and possibilities awaiting you post-practice. Through the course, you’ll increase your physical and psychological strength and flexibility. You’ll get outside your standard movement template into new body ‘map.’ Let’s go on an adventure of the senses. This will take you beyond the norms of form and perception and awaken you to a more intriguing self within and a more vivid and tactile all around you.

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