My son was showing signs of ’nature deficit disorder.’ His small body was vibrating with the anxieties of city life. So we hit ‘eject’ on life as we knew it.  We sold our home in Portland, OR and moved to the country where his nature and mother nature could sing together as loudly as they liked.

Part of our continued rehab is getting outside and wild crafting together. We bring earth’s medicine home to our kitchen, where we make beautiful body medicine. Through trial end error, we believe we have arrived at a perfect product line and we’re so glad to get it in your hands, on your body, and your lips. Only sustainably and intentionally harvested plants, coupled with pure clean ingredients are use in our products.

As surfers, snowboarders, and lovers of nature, my son and I are proud to present you with pure wild products, born from a need to heal and be healed by nature.


Annie and Tabor (10 years old)

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