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A soft, semi-pliable disk-shaped weight measuring 5” and weighing 4 lb. It functions as a yoga prop and a therapeutic tool. It can be placed on the head to integrate and lengthen the spine or in the hands for grip strength and joint-stability. This is an effective tool for helping with posture, trunk stability, and physical rehabilitation. Hand-sewn in the USA with sustainable canvas and filled with pure steel shot.

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2 reviews for Apex™
Limited Supply

  1. Todd Vogt

    I had a limited range of motion in my neck and would get frequent headaches from working at my desk. These problems disappeared immediately and all I did was put this on my head for short periods of time while I proceed to work as usual. Absolutely incredible!

  2. Dain Lewis

    The Apex is amazing!!! My whole life I’ve walked with my head/neck stretching forward, but after using the Apex my posture is so much better now (both when sitting and walking). The small amount of weight forces you to keep your attention in that area and little by little your body learns to adjust to create proper alignment. Plus it’s super useful as a prop for your yoga practice, for non-linear movement to exercise the hard-to-reach fascia, etc. I would highly recommend getting one!

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