Boobie Love


Your breasts are a beautiful sensory organ.


Like all body organs, they need support. But shoving them into bras and tight clothes and otherwise neglecting them isn’t self care.


That’s why I made Boobie Love – to gently detox and fully nourish your breasts.


This silky smooth cream has been formulated with the top botanicals and ingredients to bring vitality to the breast and lymph area while also breaking down harmful toxins, softening dense, fibrous tissue, and relieving swelling, tenderness, or any discomfort often associated with mensuration or hormonal imbalances.

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Cleavers, Violet Flowers, St John’s Wort Flowers,

Wild Rose , & Mugwort all Infused in Olive Oil

Castor Oil, Toasted Coconut Oil, Vitamin E,

Shea Butter, Bees Wax & Vanilla Bean

Pure Essential Oils of: Bergamot, Violet & Rose

Iodine (Lugol’s solution), and Good Vibes


Lovingly rub into breasts or along any lymph channels.


Steps to Breast Massage

1. Stroke from your jaw bone to the collarbone 10 X

2. Move from the sternum out to the sides of the chest

3. Pump and sweep under your armpit

4. Draw a circle from the sternum up to the collarbone around and under the sides of the breast

5. Reverse the Circle

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 2 × 1 in


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