Divine Medicine Reset Community Healing Immersion


A 90 day immersion to radical divine wellness.

Yoga, herbalism, and lifestyle deprogramming to stop chasing symptoms and start flourishing in radiant vitality.


1. Heart and Mindset
Breath, meditations, affirmations, mindset prompts, herbal plant allies, joy, & play.
2. Excess and Deficiency
Three treasures of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, tongue health analysis, nourishment, supplementation, & sunlight exposure.
3. Sleep and Rest
Clean sleep hacks, herbal sleep formulas & supplements, rest, nervous system regulation practices, & supportive herbs for the nervous system.
4. Movement and Exercise
Lymphatic health, dry brushing, oiling, self massage, gua- sha, cardiovascular health, yoga, primal fitness.
5. Gut Heath
Digestion/elimination, sense of center, blood sugar balancing, gut biome, abdominal massage,& detoxification.
6. Personal Growth & Development
Goals, dreams, aspirations, & community support.


Also includes…

⏰ 90 min. live group masterminds + Q&A every other Thurs. at 5pm PST. (x6)
(or watch the replays).
Tongue Health Analysis master class
Facebook group support
Annie’s Soul Nourishing recipe book
Ayurvedic Master Classes (x3)
Divine Self Care rituals
All Product Discount (15%)
Mindset Session Prompts (x6)
Curated program library
Online content portal (6 month access)
Primal therapeutic master workshops (x4)