Primal Therapeutics & Applied Herbalism Advanced Training Payment Plan

$750 a month for 6 months, with a $500 downpayment

This is for the May 14th, 2021 – May 22nd, 2022 Primal Therapeutics & Applied Herbalism Advanced Training

​The philosophy of Primal Therapeutics and Applied Herbalism is to learn and speak through the inherently cooperative interfaces of applied anatomy and energetics as they’re presented through both our bodies and the bodies of the plants we work with. As a teacher and therapist, you will learn to empower your students through an understanding that we are born to move, we are capable of moving, and that it’s through awareness and cooperation that healing is possible.

This product is for paying for the course in monthly payments of $750, which starts in a month. All you have to pay right now is the $500 downpayment to secure training participation. The installment payments are then paid over the course of the next 6 months.

By agreeing to this plan you are committing to making ALL payments. Not attending the training does not make you exempt for making the payment. Failure to make payment will result in forfeiture of the training, training materials, and subsequent certification. Payments will be made via credit/debit card. Charges will go through on the set, agreed upon schedule. No additional reminders will not be made.

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