Trauma-Informed Training
with Amanda Blain


January 23 at  1:00 – 3:00pm 
Pacific time

Live via Zoom (or attend live or watch the recording)

Cost: $55


Break generational cycles of conflict, pain, fear, trauma, and dis-ease in your psyche and body


Experts in mind-body science have discovered that we carry the struggles and strengths of our ancestral imprints in our minds, bodies, relationships, and in our overall sense of self. We often relive ancestral trauma, including sickness and heartache, without even realizing it. Studies in epigenetics reveal that our behaviors and environment can change the unique expression of our genes.

Over 90% of  human behavior stems from our subconscious mind, nervous system, and ancestral imprints. Skillfully connecting with these aspects of ourselves can help us shift the the trajectory of our health and wellness, fortify our relationships, and clarify our life paths. In this training, you will learn clinically proven strategies for dissolving longstanding patterns of psycho-emotional conflict, trauma reenactment, relationship struggles, and dis-ease in psyche and body.

Here’s what we’ll explore:

Ancestral Imprints

The way we show up in relationships often mirrors the internal strengths and struggles of our ancestors. ​These imprints exist beyond the conscious mind and are carried at the level of our nervous system, emotions, anatomy, and physiology. Learn to unravel the ancestral imprints that are not serving you.


Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind was mostly programmed by age 7. It created a blueprint of perception based on what we felt and sensed in our formative years. This blueprint is the filter through which we experience ourselves and our relationships, and it is the source of most tension, conflict, and limitation. Learn to reprogram your subconscious to exit cycles of conflict.

Relationships and Healing
To heal our relationship with anything (money, friends, lovers, family, colleagues, work, play) we must begin with ourselves. The roots of tension, conflict, and despair began in our ancestral imprints and subconscious minds. Learn to navigate these aspects of yourself, and bring clarity and fresh possibilties to all aspects of your life.

Therapeutic Movement
This movement practice uses clinically proven methods for traumatic recovery and for healing relationships and ancestral imprints. You will explore aspects of acupressure, sensorimotor therapy, nervous system regulation, trauma-informed Primal Vinyasa®, and somatic journeying. The sequence will be customized to meet your needs.


  • You will not be guided into personal triggers or asked to share uncomfortable information with the group. This is an informative, guided, introspective experience rooted in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches to keep the space neutral, safe, and private.


This workshop is customized to meet the needs and goals of each participant.

Class size is limited.

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This training is guided by Amanda Blain, who specializes in yogic psychology and trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Amanda is also a functional and therapeutic movement coach certified in Primal Vinyasa® and Tantric Hatha.


Here’s what students are saying

“I was quite nervous as I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but from the moment I walked in the door, Amanda’s demeanor and calming presence put me at ease. She would constantly remind us that where we are at in the present moment was okay. I gained so much from being open to learning and sharing without fear of judgment. Amanda has a passion for teaching and helping others that is apparent to anyone who meets her even once. It is more than just a job for her, it is her passion. She truly cares about people.”

-Vanessa Kunz, Broomfield, CO


“I am so grateful I took the Energetics of Relationship workshop. In just 2 hours I was able to access parts of myself that I have never been able to access. I felt the freedom to experience whatever came up without judgment. Amanda is an amazing guide, helping me access the parts of me that are dying to come out. I felt safe, loved, and supported. I now have so much more insight into myself and my relationship.”

-Katie Janecko, Chicago, IL

“Amanda provides nurturing, informative, and transformational experiences … She brought our group through a guided meditation where we had a chance to reconnect with our inner-child which left me with a wonderful emotional release and feeling inspired after leaving class. She has such a wonderful vibe.”

-Nancy Grosso, Longmont, CO


“I am feeling parts of my body that I don’t normally feel … I am a certified yoga instructor, but most of the movements were new to me. My posture feels more upright, I am feeling more space in my shoulders and my core is awake. During meditation I had an emotional release that came out of nowhere. I don’t always have an emotional reaction in class and when I do I know its something special.”

-Denise DelSignore, Foxboro, MA


“Amanda uses a holistic approach in an incredibly gentle and non-intimidating way. She really has a gift for helping people connect with their inner self! Her classes are amazing – they’ve helped me transform the triggers that kept showing up in my life, allowing me to better connect with myself and understand the subconscious beliefs that were controlling me. I’m now able to catch my patterns more quickly and cultivate a different experience in my mind and body.”

-Dain Lewis, Boulder, CO


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