Reviving Ancient Medicine Series

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Develop your understanding of herbal therapies. Learn the natural home health care essentials.


This is a four part online series in which Annie and Naomi will discuss the Heart, Liver, and Nervous System, as well as the concept of the “Three Treasures” (Jing, Shen, and Qi). the exploration will be from the perspective of Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism.


We’ll hand you a map of the related meridian system (channel system), which will serve as a reliable guide for treatments.


Each class will cover the common related ailments of the organs from an energetic, emotional and medical perspective. You’ll come away with an understanding of specific herbs and herbal therapies that support the healing of each organ or treasure.



The Three Treasures – Jing, Qi, & Shen
Introducing the concept of the three treasures from the perspective of Chinese Medicine (CM) and Western Botanical Sciences including the current biomedical modal. Having developed this lens, we’ll show you how use it to look into the various herbal categories and find single therapies that build, maintain and enhance the “three treasures.”


Heart To Heart – Wild Rose (Petals, Hips, and Thorns)

Behold the jewel – Wild Rose, as it relates to the heart from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Exploring treatments from both CM and Western Botanical Medicine. We’ll include practices and recipes for herbal decoctions and home therapies using wild rose to treat the heart.



Nervous System – Herbs That Settle & Support

Discover the nerviness and adaptogens that ground & support the nervous system. These herbs specifically help manage or mitigate the effects of stress, which is generally in high supply these days! Herbal properties, function, and dosage will be addressed.  You’ll get a recipe for a delightful evening infusion that will have you sleeping like a baby and waking up ready for your day!



Liver – Liver Qi
Develop your understanding of the miraculous liver. We’ll relate this organ and its energetics to the functional processes it facilitates within the body.  We’ll cover specific single herbs that have an infinity for the liver so you can take great care of this essential organ without which you would surely be dead. Learn the CM meridians that relate to the liver along with therapies and movements that positively impact its health so that you can improve the vitality of the “liver qi.” You’ll also get the recipe to make your very own Live Qi tea.



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