Primal Rehab
A Therapeutic Workshop For the Shoulders with Annie Adamson


Virtual Workshop

A Two-Part Embodied Lesson In Therapeutic Shoulder Mechanics

Cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of your shoulders. Tune them up and help them move better.


An absolute wonder of human design, your shoulder girdle, also called your “pectoral girdle,” is a bony ring comprised of the scapula & clavicle on both sides, and closed by the sternum at the front. Shoulder girdles also have several joints, which connect the upper extremity with the thorax. This brilliant connection allows for the marvels of mobility that are your shoulders.


Let me help you move this area more efficiently in your practice and daily life. I’ll also show you how your breath and your core impact this space, and how the shoulder girdle follows your spine. What!


This is going to be fun, therapeutic, inspiring, and educational.



Deep inside you, down in the intricate dimensions of your mind-body matrix, is untapped potential for natural movement that is competent and comfortable.  The roots of healthy movement originate from our breath and our spine. During  this workshop I will help you experience your breath as a powerful initiator of all your movements from the simple, to the complex. We will also work to shift any dysfunctional patterns of movement you may have adopted, so you can discover how daily movement can be healing instead of injurious. You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of how your daily movements become your rehab practice.

First move well, then move often – Gray Cook


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A Therapeutic Workshop For the Shoulders with Annie Adamson

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