Skills & Drills: Primal for Desk Workers with Shuanna Sutcliffe




Skills & Drills Workshop Series: Workshops are broken down into 20 minute videos. Each individual series has a specific focus.

(1) Primal For Desk Workers: Wake Up your Sleepy Legs and Hips with Shaunna Sutcliffe

Sitting at our desk can cause our legs and hips to become sleepy and can cause low pain and hip pain, injury or instability. Use these easy drills to get strong and flexible in order to avoid pain and injury.

(2) Primal For Desk Workers: Find your True Posture with Shaunna Sutcliffe

For this video we will briefly explore sitting, standing, and joint alignment and different ways to help our body be in true alignment a little easier.

(3) Primal for Desk Workers: Core Stability with Shaunna Sutcliffe

Core strength is vital to keep our body from injury, pain and instability. These easy core and trunk drills will get your body awake and strong in new fun ways.

Shaunna Sutcliffe is 500 RYT Yoga Instructor, Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, Primal Vinyasa and Aerial yoga Certified; teaching since 2009. She specializes in Workplace yoga, kids therapeutic yoga, women’s retreats and yoga for chronic pain. Shaunna is also a mother, a surfer, a skater, and a lover of the earth and dancing.


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