Wild Crafted Lip Balm-Lilac Blossom


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Hydrate and nourish your lips, while simultaneously protecting them from the sun. Instead of petrolatum or parabens this natural formula is made from plant based ingredients. It goes on light and silky (no goopy/waxy feeling) and yet it can heal severely chapped or sunburned lips. We could not find a lip balm that was pure and plastic free and that didn’t feel like a waxy mess, so we created our own! we have been formulating this for years, and now we have the perfect lip balm. We’re happy to share it with you.

Ingredients: Wild Lilac Blossoms solar infused into organic olive oil, Fair Trade plant based candelilla wax, Fair Trade organic shea butter, pure lilac essence, Vitamin E, Pure Mica

Paper tubes- plastic free!

Vegan and plant based

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2 reviews for Wild Crafted Lip Balm-Lilac Blossom

  1. Jen Vogt

    This is the best lip balm I have ever used. I have sensitive skin and tend to be allergic to lip products. This chapstick, lip balm, lip shimmer does it all! It heals my lips after a long day of kayaking on the lake. It rehydrates after a fun night of cocktails. It’s the best right before a pretty lipstick to ensure that you don’t get feathering and keep plump youthful lips. Every morning I put this balm on when I moisturize and then again before I go to bed. One stick lasts me at least 3 months. I take one with me where I go and my kids ask for it by name. They know it will heal their dry cracking lips. I highly recommend this product for anyone! Also, my husband loves it too! Not just for women and kids!

  2. annie adamson

    Thank you so much for kind words here we really appreciate your support

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