Wild Rose Lip Balm


Lip Balm

Hydrate and nourish your lips, while simultaneously protecting them from the sun. Instead of petrolatum or parabens this natural formula is made from plant based ingredients. It goes on light and silky (no goopy/waxy feeling) and yet it can heal severely chapped or sunburned lips. We could not find a lip balm that was pure and plastic free and that didn’t feel like a waxy mess, so we created our own! we have been formulating this for years, and now we have the perfect lip balm. We’re happy to share it with you.

Oh how I love wild Rose. This flower has been esteemed and loved for thousands of years for its visual beauty and mythic presence. During the season when wild rose begins to bloom and the sweet smell fills the air I am reminded of the power of her medicine in my life. My Son and I find our way to open meadows, overgrown old country roads filled with bramble and the dance of wild rose shining her brilliant pink petals. As we gather this medicine we offer songs of gratitude. She also reminds us to be gentle with her as her thorns have a very quick bite. Each year we craft oils and salves and lip balms. The Rose products in our store have been made with so much care and love. Rose enlivens your senses, soothes the heart, and reminds us to have healthy boundaries.


Ingredients: Sweet almond oil solar infused with wild country roses + organic bees wax + pure rose essential oil + vitamin e + mica 

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