Abbie is a recent Primal Vinyasa Certified guide, enthusiast and integrator! She began practicing yoga in a gym setting in 2011 after experiencing deep depression from an accident resulting in a broken ankle, and subsequent surgeries. After several years of “drinking the yoga kool-aid” and quite literally re-learning how to move, walk, and run again, Abbie eventually received her 200-hour certification in Traditional Vinyasa Yoga in southern California in 2015.

During her time in training, Abbie studied as an interfaith seminarian and continually ran into connections between all of her passions; namely yoga, snowboarding, and spiritual care. She became convinced that movement, nature, and spirituality were intertwined. Without diverse and nutritious movement, her snowboarding practice and teaching were prone to injury. Without mindfulness and “care-full” listening to her students, yoga classes became self-centered and disjointed.

Abbie integrates playful, off-the-mat, and Primal-inspired movement into her Vinyasa and Hot Vinyasa classes. The Primal Vinyasa training has flipped her assumptions and repetitive teaching habits absolutely upside down… and for the better! You will find your own independence, creativity, and empowerment in her classes. Abbie invites you to play and move, and to truly make it YOUR yoga practice!