Christy Lin is a 500 RYT Vinyasa, and Primal Vinyasa™ certified teacher who also holds a certification in meditation. She moved to the United States from Taiwan to St.Louis, Missouri in 2008 and founded Yoga in DeMun, a yoga / meditation studio in 2014. Her intention as a teacher is to invite her students to develop a sense of wholeness within themselves!

After three years of teaching yoga, she realized she needs more tools to bring safety and harmony for her students, and Primal Vinyasa is the missing link that she is looking for to connect the lands in between holistic healing and fitness in modern yoga practice. This well-structured, in-depth system helps her develop a deeper knowledge as an instructor, and a student. Teaching Primal Vinyasa class gives Christy great sense of joy as she can truly support her students to experience freedom, strength, and kindness through their own practice, where everyone starts their first move with compassion no matter what physical history and emotional needs, so that each person can truly embrace their journey to heal as they build physical strength and mental clarity on the path. She guides you to embrace the wholeness of every layer of your being, from movement to stillness.

Christy supports her students in group and one-one-one settings; she also helps schools, organizations and businesses develop wellbeing programs that evoke connection and humanity.