Emily is a yoga and holistic movement teacher in Sacramento, California. She offers regular yoga classes, prenatal yoga, private sessions, and women+’s circles in Northern California.

Weaving together practices from yoga, functional movement, poetry, and sound, each experience with her is created with deep intention and spirit. Emily believes yoga is a way of life, which lead her to become a Primal Vinyasa™ teacher. She has also completed Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Well Women (Womb Yoga) Therapy certification and is trained in Mama Tree Prenatal with Jane Austin. As a deeply inquisitive and curious being, Emily’s Primal Vinyasa™ practice and training helps her focus her offerings, create meaningful connections in community, and find clarity in her yoga and movement endeavors.

A forever student and dedicated teacher, Emily is here to host spaces and create experiences for you to be your whole self one breath, one moment at a time.