Gloria Schwabe is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Life Coach based in Alberta, Canada. Gloria first came to yoga as a curious teenager and found her way back to the practice as a form of exercise after her first daughter was born in 2012. After several years of personal practice Gloria realized there was much more to be gained off the mat from the practice of yoga than just the physical health benefits.

Since then, Gloria has sought out and trained with some of the best yoga and mindfulness teachers and professionals in North America. She’s built a unique offering of inclusive movement and health workshops, courses and classes as well as a private practice.

Primal Vinyasa is a cornerstone of Gloria’s work. She believes that healthy movement is one of the keys to unlocking a healthy relationship with yourself for a life well lived. Gloria hopes to one day be able to share and mentor other teachers in the space to evolve the yoga and fitness world to a place of non judgement and inclusivity.