PTA, RYT, Certified BodyRoller, Certified Primal Vinyasa

Jessica LaFalce is a Physical Therapist Assistant in Sarasota, FL with over a decade of experience as well as continuing education in myofascial release. After training in MFR and experiencing first hand an emotional release when working on her own chronic hip pain; Jessica realized there was a missing link in the traditional treatment of her patients, and the integration of a body, mind and heart centered approach was crucial for long term health and recovery.

To augment this gap, she received her 500 hr RYT and a certification in Body Rolling from Healsci yoga school where there was a strong emphasis on anatomy, alignment and the intricate web of the myofascial system. “Prior to Primal Vinaysa, my approach to treating my patients and teaching my students was one of compassion but with a lens of needing to find what’s wrong and fix it. Completing this training has come with it a responsibility: to remind myself, my patients and students that they are already whole, and to integrate that wholeness with intuitive movement for a home coming to their bodies and a remembering of their innate ability to self regulate and heal.” 

It has been my vision and passion to fully integrate yoga with PT and PT with yoga and with my Primal Vinyasa certification, I finally have the tools to bridge the gap between the two; uniting East and West, and harmonizing modern healthcare. ” Jessica currently offers Primal Vinyasa inspired public classes and private sessions as well as CEUs and workshops.

For her most recent offerings follow her on FB: jessicalafalceyoga and on Instagram @jessica_lafalce