Hi I am Kelly Nie,  I have my Primal Vinaysa Certification and work as a Women”s and Integration Coach. I am passionate about what I do and love being able to support everyone on their own personal healing path. My intention as a practitioner is to help you remember the tools you have innately within your Self and teach you some I’ve learned along the way.

​I believe that transformation, freedom and movement go hand in hand. Primal Vinyasa has brought forth a deeper connection to my Self in my body like no other movement style before. It is playful and curious in nature and fuses functional movement and yoga together in a very approachable way. Moving every day without pain is my new normal and it is because of this I have a deep bond to the practice and enjoy offering it to others. 

​I believe healing is multi-dimensional and that is where I integrate in personal transformational coaching into the space. As we re-learn to move we also come face-to-face with our limiting thought patterns. As our thoughts create our emotion – and we action from our emotion – it is important to see the whole picture so we can re-train our brain along with moving our body!