Nissa is a free-range medicine woman, redneck mystic, trickster oracle, and healer/guide for the places and spaces I offer.​

I’m big on imperfections and wounded-ness and broken-ness…because they are a part of wholeness. I believe there is medicine and poison in everything, so don’t get too attached to your perspective. I stand for ending all stories in medicine.​

I’m big on sacred sass and ugly truths. I am big on work ethic and owning your shit. I believe that the only constant in Life is change…therefore, nothing is for sure. I believe the hardest thing to do sometimes is to soften and recieve…and it’s fucking worth it. I have learned pain won’t kill me, but not turning that pain into power will kill my soul.​

I believe I am my own container of sacred space…and so are you. Each one of us is a universe of great mystery walking around in a human animal…so, yeah…it’s gonna get messy. Let’s shake it off and do better.