Rachel Stern began studying yoga at age 2, took a 20ish year break, and rediscovered the joys of a consistent yoga practice over the past 18 years.  She received her 200-hour teacher certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and completed a year long teaching apprenticeship at Amrita, in Portland, Oregon.  She has been teaching both public and private classes for 14 years, and is thrilled to now be able to include Primal Vinyasa’s strength, function, and playfulness, into her unique yoga offerings for individuals and groups. ​

After 22 years of experience teaching dance, language, and yoga to children of all ages, Rachel combined her love of yoga, children’s literature, and storytelling to create Storytime Yoga for kids and their parents, which she teaches monthly at The Peoples Yoga.

In 2018, Rachel founded the Portland Jewish Yoga Collective in order to create an embodied spiritual offering for people of all affiliations, and a place for the community to gather.  She also teaches Jewish themed yoga for Orthodox women, and for children of all ages.  In both secular and religious settings, she supports students in developing their own personal practice.

Yoga practice deepens the intimacy of my relationship with life, source, and community.  We can use it to enhance any experience or learning opportunity, to move through life with more presence and connection.  To fall more in love with ourselves.

I turned to a yoga practice when I realized that I was holding all my fear as tension in my body.  I fall in love with yoga more every day as it grounds me, keeps my heart open, and allows me to hold space for myself in this busy world.  I love to hold the space for students to dig deeper into their own self discovery.  I believe that when people are deeply rooted to the foundations of their own bodies, and connected to their source energy, they can be free in their hearts to manifest anything they truly desire.  My classes are tailored to the needs of the students each time we come to the mat together, and are designed to support the energy of the group through curious experimentation, playful strength building, deep breathing, deep stretching, and joyous fun.