Breathe in and love every moment of life. That is my mantra. Yoga has helped me realize how to do this, and how to overcome stress and pain, which can stand in the way of letting go, breathing and being in the moment. As a chronic disease survivor, I need to do movement and self massage almost daily to overcome tension pain and fatigue. This saves me, I truly don’t know what kind of person I would be, or how many medications I would be on! I have several students with disease, injuries and other disorders, whom have improved their daily pain levels, posture and improved healing times from injuries. I also have students who just want to lose weight or increase strength.​

In 2012 I received my 200 hour Certification with Heartsong Yoga In Beaverton. In 2015 I received my 500 hour Holistic Yoga Therapeutics with Annie Adamson at Yoga Union in Portland, Oregon. Then my Primal Vinyasa Certification in 2017 from Annie as well. I also have training in Vinyasa yoga, Yoga for Seniors and I hold a certification of completion in Aerial Yoga, and The Roll Model Method (self massage training with Jill Miller).​

Stability and strength are more important now, than ever as our culture has designed a life of ease, more sitting and less physical work. People have more injuries and pain from repetitive movement patterns and lack of movement than we should; and learning healthy every day movement patterns can prevent and heal these injuries.

I like to think of myself as a guide or third party to your healing, I can see things you can’t because you are in your body all the time, and because I have training to see asymmetries and subtle clues. Bringing awareness, into our every day movements and postures can help us come into wholeness, live more fully, and be more present and joyful.​

Everyday is a gift and a lesson, while I’m still learning my lessons daily with chronic disease management, diet and environment, my work with students and clients has given me new light. When someone uncovers a secret to their healing and realizes its easier than they thought, I learn too! The light continues to shine on this path guiding me toward helping. I hope in some way I have already helped you or can help you soon.