Todd is a certified Anusara Inspired teacher who also holds certifications in Vinyasa Yoga and expertise in Restorative yoga.

Todd’s yoga practice was born from his quest for relief from chronic low back pain. Shortly after, he moved to Portland to drum in a rock band and was immediately delivered to the Yoga Union, a Portland yoga studio where he met his first real yoga teacher, Annie Adamson. Years later the two lovers were offered ownership of the very place where they had met. Together they took the leap of faith of becoming Yoga Union’s faithful owners. For sixteen years they build community and grew the business from a struggling boutique studio, to a thriving yoga oasis.

Todd regards the power of yoga to bring people together, both within themselves and within the social landscape.

Todd is forever grateful for his mentorship with Sianna Sherman, whom he studied extensively with including immersions, teacher trainings 1, 2, and 3, and countless classes, workshops, and therapeutics sessions. Todd largely attributes his poetic styling and playful use of heart-language to Sianna’s artistic guidance.

As a yoga teacher and leader, Todd’s ambitions stem from his love for nature and movement, as well as his commitment to facilitating connection in community.