Warrior Spirit

I drop my sword and cry for awhile because deep inside, the warrior is a child.” – unknown.

The movement of a warrior is to traverse the battleground of life toward something we value and believe in.

Values and beliefs are changing based on the circumstances that are coming and a warrior is able to navigate the unknown and experience the newness with a dexterity of values.

I believe in the right for each adult person to make their own decisions.

Not cerebrally certain, but certain from within my whole self.

The impulse to fight and live, lies in the tender place, beneath the armor, deep within us. It is self reliant, and therefor need not be rationalized, or justified.

A warrior is someone who will for fight for life and for what’s right. Based not on ethics or logic, but on connecting to the sweetness within, a place of tenderness, and moving with the currents of life from that authentic place. A place so deeply personal, that nobody can touch and a place that you can touch everyone from. A place of limitless wisdom. Of such intelligence that answers arrive spontaneously and certainly.

Decisions from this place are free of doubt. There is no longer the painful itch of hesitancy. Instead, an understanding that life now from this new crossroad, marked clearly by this decision and unfolding now with a certainty that can only come from accepting there is no going back. Your on the other side, though memories remain, the door is closed on the past. The path ahead is open and navigable with no doubt.

Remembering this, rather than assuming we know what’s right for others, instead we can explore our own inner reality and remember that decisions are own and the life plays out depends first on their capacity to connect with that place.

Life is an elaborate series of decisions. Free from the temptation of the easy life, a warrior has already accepted their life will not be easy. Their job is to fight, on whatever battleground they find themselves, with whatever tools they have, with whomever will join them.

Understanding when we are in the midst of a radical life decisions, it is a defining moment. The result of this realization is a heightening of one’s senses, a deep connection to the movements of life. To move like a warrior in that moment is to pause, feel, and choose to act without hesitancy, understanding life depends on your action and you cannot afford a misstep.

This can mean so many things, as we all have a deeply unique feeling inside when we contemplate the word WARRIOR. We have all had moments in life that have asked of us to call upon that part within our self that does not give up on life. This is not easy. That “part” we call upon will feel different for all of us, but for me it feels like the most amazing strength. A Warrior is physically strong and will walk for miles across valleys over mountains to “fight” for what they truly believe in. I believe in having a grand life…..I am not saying an easy life…..but a life I cherish.

I had my first child at 17 and was a junior in High school. Everyone and everything logical was telling me I “cannot” and “should not” have this child. I remember standing on the edge of Lake Pend orley in Sandpoint Idaho one evening and looking up and the night sky. I felt my feet in the grass and my young scared body. I took a moment to ground my self and really feel deeply into what my own spirt was telling me. I knew there was this life growing in me and was obviously something I had never felt before but I knew it was precious. I took a breath and looked up into the night sky. There was one tiny little star making its light present to me in a cloudy sky. This “part” of me remembered and recognized my strength.

Everyone’s warrior spirit is unique. Recognizing it in yourself if essential. There’s always going to be difficulty and those will always be times that draw out the warrior from within.

Not hiding, not hardened, bitter, but open.