Opportunity Waits Within

Most of us are feeling a sense of instability in our environment. Structures that once held us together are falling apart, and some of us is falling with them. In times like these, there’s only one thing that has the power to get us through. It’s time to discover that power.

We all struggle to remember why, and even ‘that’ we matter. We feel hopeless in our capacity to incite positive change amidst an environment and a culture in collapse. “Why try,” no longer seems like a stupid question. But if we stand back to investigate that condition, it’s not difficult to recognize that amidst the apparent impotence of the human individual, we have never before been so incredibly capable of inciting positive change.

Our basic human needs of food, water, and shelter are being met for a larger portion of the population than ever before. The internet is enabling us to reach a sphere of influence never imagined by even our most recent ancestors. With the world’s entire library at our fingertips, any topic can be explored and knowledge gained practically instantaneously. The power of kings and queens lies in each of our small hands.

By the law of polarity, each of is equally as capable of putting the world back together as we are able to tear it apart. Thought it’s unpleasant to consider, it’s also easy to imagine just how much destruction each of us could do with the mere flick of a finger. How quick and easy it would be to dismantle large swaths of life’s beautifully interwoven tapestry.

So why don’t we flip that on it’s head and instead and recognize just how quick and easy it could be to connect and grow that same size and scope of the earth’s global life-force?

Most of us feel the existential weight and responsibility to ‘do something,’ on a day-to-day or even moment to moment basis. The feeling creeps into during the rare but potent, undistracted moments. When we’re between meetings or waiting at a traffic light. In those split seconds, before we pick up our phone to conveniently distract ourselves, the overwhelming sensation presses into our hearts it’s insistent reminder: that our time here is limited, that it’s running out, and that there’s something important we were supposed to be doing but forgot. In those split seconds, if we pause just long enough; if we lean into the tension  and listen to the friction within, we may hear a copycat’s voice. One which has been installed into our collective psyche like malware. A 24 hr doom and gloom new cycle implanted into our mind, projecting its outrage with the gravity of our biggest unsolvable problems all confronting us at once…

If we’re paying attention, there’s an inherent struggle to reconcile the profundity of our power to make a difference and the feeling of complete powerlessness that invades our every waking moment. The tension feels downright biblical sometimes.

We can’t tell you what any of it means to you, or what’s next, or what to do about it, or how it’s all going to turn out. What we can say is this: regardless of the outcomes, if we can manage to remember that we chose to be present during this remarkable turning point. A point in which we recognize, as a collective, not just the necessity of a sea change in how we show up as beings on the planet, but a heroic reclamation of our power to co-participate in that positive quantum shift. This is the fourth quarter. There are but minutes on the clock. And at perhaps the most important, most empowering moment of all, we get to be here for it. What’s more, you came, just as I came, and the rest of the 7.9 billion people alive today, all came because ‘little old you’ has something to do with it. YOU ARE here to play a critical role.

We’ve been practicing for a very long time. The days of waiting for someone else to make it happen, are gone.

So how do you play the game? What’s the plan? Where on the field do we stand? What position do we play?


Don’t worry about any of that. The information you need has been installed in your body. It’s not the paranoid schizophrenic media voice in your head. It’s the confident, self-assured, generative, optimist in your heart. What to do is really very simple. Live with HEART!

Take every available opportUNITY to bring awareness to your physical and energetic heart space. Instead of consistently defaulting your awareness back to your mind-cluttered distractions and patterned behaviors, take your rightful seat at your heart’s throne. Dissolve your manic mind. Anchor your awareness into the love field biologically nested in the very center of your energy being, again and again. From there, start paying attention to all the ways this light-filled awareness gets hijacked, and you start to operate from other impulses.

It may sound cliche’, but when we conduct ourselves from our heart’s space, we generate the best possible outcomes, for ourselves and one another. What’s more, whatever happens, we can be sure we’ve done our very best. And THAT, at the end of the day, is what’s most important.


This can be done any time, any where. But for specific, intentional time devoted to getting out of the mind and into the heart, please join me for meditations in our On-Demand library.


Blessings on your empowering, healing journey.

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