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Unlock ultimate movement freedom and well-being in private therapeutic sessions with Primal Vinyasa founder, Annie Adamson

Invite greater ease, healing and inner alchemy into your life through custom embodiment practices, functional strength training, yoga therapeutics, holistic herbalism, and integrative self-care


Your healing journey has the potential to be more transformative than you ever imagined.

Almost every day I see students and clients who are ready to take the next step towards optimal health and well-being, but they’re lacking two big things to get them there.

Sustainable practices, and individualized support.

Truthfully, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to movement or health. When I created Primal Vinyasa, the mission was simple… 

To offer a holistic, body-centered, customizable method of movement and healing that’s truly accessible and empowering for ALL.

After over a decade of studying injury rehabilitation and yoga therapeutics with world-renowned teachers, I knew that the key to finding greater freedom in the body wasn’t another prescriptive model of practice…

But a universal method that would empower people to take their movement practice off the mat and integrate it into their lives.

So often, our modern society’s approach to movement and health lies in a “quick fix” allopathic approach that doesn’t honor the wholeness of who we are. The secret to optimal wellbeing isn’t more yoga, functional movement or cleanses… 

It’s the integration of truly embodied movement and holistic self-care into every aspect of our daily lives. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Primal Vinyasa practitioner, an athlete, aspiring movement lover, or simply want to invite greater ease, healing, and nourishment into your life… 

These highly-personalized offerings are for you. 

I’ve helped thousands of students and clients eliminate chronic pain, heal injuries, and ignite their own inspired path to self-inquiry and inner alchemy… and there’s no reason you can’t be next.

Through the wisdom of Primal Vinyasa, you’ll learn to build a sustainable movement and self-care practice that’s transformative on all levels, and I’ll be leading the way to make sure you’re completely supported as you step into a new, empowering blueprint and way of being.



Tami Link

I found Annie’s Primal Vinyasa classes at a time I needed in my continuing journey to recover my confidence and capacity for movement. She blended my love of yoga and my growing interest in primal/natural moment in a skillful, creative way that resonated deeply in my body and psyche.

In private therapeutic sessions with Annie, her safe, inviting presence and skillful guidance is allowing me to find more capacity for movement that was very much needed and for which I am deeply grateful.

Tami link

Erin Seamons

After working with Annie for over 11 years, I can wholeheartedly say that her knowledge, intuition, care, kindness, expertise and professionalism are what make her a trustworthy and effective holistic healer.

Erin Seamons

Anne Avgerin

“Annie’s knowledge of functional movement and biomechanics propelled me to a higher level of healing post-total hip replacement. – 1 year after joint replacement, I had tissue patterns in my hip and leg that were still stuck. Where physical therapy failed, this work provided stretching and strengthening that eliminated my femoral nerve impingement… Thank you Primal Vinyasa for taking care of my physical wellbeing.”

– Anne Avgerin

Nissa Howard

“Primal Vinyasa has been an essential tool for me to reclaim my brain & body so I can live healed and whole. Annie is not only an amazing teacher, she is an inspiring woman whose magic is palpable and uplifting to any who wish to be upleveled. I am bone-deep grateful for the many layers in which my life is better because I have Primal Vinyasa, and Annie in my life.”

Nissa Howard

Gloria Schwabe

“Annie is a genuine person who walks her talk and has your back. I’ve never felt left in the wilderness on my own through any of her trainings or private sessions, in person or online. She’s always there to encourage, empower, and challenge you to go deeper. She has a way of explaining things that will make you believe in magic again and access a part of your soul that has been longing to rise to the surface. I’m forever changed and forever grateful to this amazing woman. Thank you Annie!”

– Gloria Schwabe

Primal Vinyasa Yoga
  • Dain Lewis

“Annie is amazing. I had chronic hip pain and had seen a number of different chiropractors, PTs, and massage therapists but the problem still persisted. I started working with Annie one-on-one and couldn’t believe it when she was able to immediately diagnose my hip problem over video chat after observing me move around for just a few minutes. She gave me a series of exercises and within a few weeks the hip pain that had persisted for over a year was almost completely gone. I also work in construction so we then progressed into correcting many other poor movement patterns so my body wouldn’t hurt after every day after work. I love how she focuses on empowering you to feel your own body and recognize your habitual patterns. I joke with Annie: when I do what she says, my body feels amazing. When I don’t, it starts hurting again and my old patterns re-emerge. I can’t recommend her highly enough – her breadth and depth of knowledge is incredible. I’m so grateful for her help.”

Dain Lewis


Here’s how I can support you


All-In-One Primal Therapeutics Package

Can’t decide? Get a little bit of everything with the All-In-One Primal Therapeutics Package.

In this comprehensive session, we’ll start with a diagnostic intake and Ayurvedic constitution analysis. We’ll then embark on a collaborative journey to create a custom-tailored treatment plan that includes movement, plant medicine, and self-care and ritual practices to holistically support your life on all levels.

Primal Therapeutics Package sessions are challenging yet accessible, dynamic, and deeply engaging. You’ll walk away feeling empowered, motivated and joyful with a suite of tools you can use to quickly remap pain and dysfunction and create major shifts in your life and health journey – without overwhelm.




Yoga Therapeutics 

So much of our pain and discomfort comes from habitual, patterned ways of moving. In this transformative one-on-one session, you’ll discover and remap the movement patterns that are causing injury and inhibiting your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, we’ll examine breath mechanics, skeletal positioning, and the habitual tendencies keeping you from the natural ease and freedom of movement you were born with – and then work together to create a new movement imprint in your brain and nervous system. 

You’ll walk away from a Yoga Therapeutics session with a personalized treatment program to aid you on your healing journey, plus:

  • A greater awareness of your own movement tendencies and how to repattern the unconscious habits contributing to the painful movement story being created in your body
  • A deep understanding of how you can make therapeutic, functional movement a seamless part of your daily life through custom embodiment practices
  • Actionable tools and sequences you can use to effectively and quickly remap pain patterns when they show up and set yourself on the path of aging well 

Holistic Herbalism

If you’ve ever longed to integrate the proven power of plant medicine into your healing journey, a Holistic Herbalism session will help you develop a relationship with your plant allies and build a personal apothecary with the right medical herbal concoctions to support your unique constitution.

After a comprehensive intake, we’ll use Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the Six Tissue States to inform exactly which plants you can use to elevate different aspects of your life. By the end of the session, you’ll know how to connect with plant medicine to not only boost your energy, vitality, and general well-

being, but to own your innate potential to self-heal and step into your power as your own best caregiver.




Holistic Herbalism for Children

In this abridged, 30-minute Holistic Herbalism session, I’ll guide parents and child through a fun, dynamic and comprehensive intake and personalized treatment plan that will complement and reinforce any existing care plans, while empowering your child’s relationship to the natural world.

Parents will learn to better support their child’s unique constitution through plant medicine, and children will understand how to call on the power of plant allies for guidance, nourishment and support.


Primal Fit

Are you wanting to level up your fitness so you can decrease inflammation, safely strengthen your body, and awaken the version of yourself that moves more holistically and freely?

Rooted in self-inquiry, therapeutic rehabilitation, and functional fitness, Primal Fit is for anyone seeking to rediscover and refine their authentic strengths and capabilities.

Whether you’re an athlete, postpartum mom, or aspiring gym-goer, Primal Fit is uniquely designed to help you effectively build a healing and holistic fitness practice that will tone your body while increasing functional strength, mobility and movement freedom.

In just one Primal Fit session, you’ll:

  • Understand the secret to building strength and mobility without sacrificing structural integrity
  • Functionally strengthen and tone your core through anatomically engineered, breath-centered movement
  • Learn to move from your center of gravity so you can unwind excess tension in your hips and pelvis and walk, run, dance and play with ease
  • Regain the dependability of your posterior chain (back body) to experience powerful, dynamic and pain-free spinal movement
  • Experience how your shoulder complex collaborates with your breath and spine for intentional weight-bearing, easeful lifting and carrying, and overall improved range of motion

Self-Care Ritual & Routine

The Self-Care Ritual & Routine session is a powerful offering for anyone craving deeper levels of care, soul nourishment and meaning in their life. A great self-care routine can help regulate your nervous system, reduce stress and exhaustion, and energize your spirit. 

Maybe you don’t have any self-care practices and want to know how you can get started… or maybe you’re already self-care obsessed and want to add more resources to your toolbox. Together, we’ll explore the magic of healing practices like dry brushing, oiling, tongue-scraping, mantra, meditation, blessings, affirmations, shamanic drum journeying, cards, journaling and so much more. You’ll leave the session empowered to establish a self-care routine that’s easy to incorporate into your life and energizes you on a soul level… every single day.

If you’re ready to call in increased alignment, abundance and authenticity of expression, this is the container for you.


Kind Words

“I had been suffering with acute lower back pain for many years and tried lots of things but nothing quite worked.  I wanted to start a yoga practice but everything I tried seemed to put my back at risk.  I found Annie on-line, read about Yoga Therapeutics and never looked back! 

Annie is an absolute master at assessing where your body is and meeting you there.  She balances teaching movement and strength along with physiology and anatomy.  This works so much better than the physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture appointments I tried before.  I have worked with Annie over the past five years, most recently remotely via Zoom, and truly appreciate her.  Annie asks where you are each session and can tailor that day’s practice to your specific needs.  She remembers your body and where you might struggle.  If a movement feels like it might stress my back, she either encourages me that it’s safe or offers another way to achieve the same goal and explains why — she hasn’t steered me wrong yet. She is a highly skilled, kind, patient, and caring teacher.  I am also grateful to call her my friend.”