Experience the profound health benefits of a consistent practice.

20 classes in 31 days.

Oct. 1 – 31

Join us for our 11th annual Yoga Challenge!

Those who complete the challenge will receive:

  • health
  • vitality
  • inspiration
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • a ticket for you and a friend to join our exclusive master workshop entitled “The Three Treasures” with Annie Adamson.

Win The Secrets to Preserving and Enhancing Your Vitality

The master workshop contains invaluable information that could literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctor’s visits, medication, supplementation, etc.

Your hard earned revelation of these transformative secrets will further concretize them in your mind, so you can be sure to deeply embody their wisdom.

The Challenge is FREE!

Just enter your info and click “Sign Up” below to get your name on the board.

Accepted classes include any practice 15 min. or more. On-Demand classes, self practice, as well as classes with other studios and teachers are accepted.

Just print your official 2022 Yoga Challenge poster.